Guide to hiring a Wedding Car

    The chances are that this will be the first time you have hired a wedding car so we have put together this 12 point guide to help you avoid any mistakes or misuderstandings. Of course, recommendation is the best way to select a company but beware - don't ask the supplier to provide previous customers - they may be biased in who they suggest as a reference - and never trust web site reviews unless they are independant.

    Take a look at the points below and bear them in mind when you are making your final choice.

  1. Consider paying by Credit Card to give you some financial protection. The company may not like it, but it's best for you. You may have to pay a small card handling fee, but it's worth it.
  2. Be aware of who you are booking with. When you are searching through the Internet you will find many sites that are selling cars that belong to other people. Many of these organisations are highly reputable but what happens if the agency does not pay the owner of the car? The chances are they will not be there on the day.
  3. It costs a lot to run and maintain the wedding cars. If you want the car to be properly insured and maintened you have to expect to pay a fair price. If in doubt, be sure to visit the company and inspect the cars.
  4. Ask what would happen in the event of a breakdown - but be realistic in your expectatations. If the breakdown happens during the wedding when you are on a tight schedule, the chances are that the company will not have another rare car just around the corner.
  5. To reduce costs, consider asking the company to do round trips for the wedding party but, again, be realistic - do not expect to use the wedding car as a taxi, they are too special for that. Consider that every round trip leaves somebody waiting at the ceremony.
  6. Use your judgement as to the experience of the company and if it's 'just another job' for the company then look elsewhere for someone who actually cares.
  7. Always make sure the company has Wedding Car Hire insurance and Public Liability Insurance cover.
  8. Make sure the company you are booking with has a physical address and land line.
  9. Ask if the car will be attending other weddings in the same day. This could make the car late to your wedding or maybe force it to leave before you are ready. The other side to that is to make sure you book the car for the time you actually need.
  10. Ask about the Chauffeur and their attire. Who is the driver - do you want an 18 year old lad driving for you? Will he be helping you in and out of the car? Is he experienced?
  11. When choosing your car, make sure you can get the dress in as well as the bride!
  12. Wedding car hire is hire of a car on the day of the wedding to transport the wedding party to the ceremony and on to the reception. Hire after the reception or as transport to the airport or the next day is not classed as wedding hire. This type of hire is classed as private hire and therefore only licensed cars can legally provide this service. Be aware of this as companies may not have the correct insurance as this is not covered under the usual wedding car hire insurance.

In summary:

Inspect the cars.

Check the company is genuine.

Check the company is insured.

Only trust your own recommendations.

Pay by card.