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Hiring a Wedding Car in York

When it comes to getting married, there are few places prettier than York. It has the most amazing array of historic locations including some historical churches, and classic locations such as Merchant Adventureres Hall, Merchant Taylors hall, Bedern Hall and of course the Hospitium. Even the Register office, located on Bootham, has an elegance unbecoming of a Government building.

The classic churches are backed up with a fine choice of reception venues both in and around the city. Some of our most frequently visited locations are the Pavilion Hotel in Fulford, The Marriott Hotel on Tadcaster Road and Lady Anne Middleton Hotel (Middletons Hotel).They all have their own style and particular advantages which you will see when you begin your round of inspections.

To date our most popular single venue location is The Hospitiuim in the Beautiful Museum Gardens.

The good news is that these are all first class venues that know how to put on your reception, they are all beautiful, but they are in York. This means traffic is undeniably a nightmare. It's not much better if you choose to go out of York, say to Sandburn Hall. The A64 towards Scarborough must rank amongst the most congested roads in Yorkshire, especially at the weekend in the summer. Thankfully we make full use of our local knowledge and technology to avoid as much of the jams as is possible.

We have found that people frequently travel to York to get married. It may be because it's equidistant for the guests or maybe the couple have fond memories of the city having met at one of the universities. Whatever the reason, there are some lovely appartments and houses that can be rented on a holiday let. We frequently collect the bride from properties on Bootham Crescent, the Churchill Hotel and other accomodation in the city.

When it comes down to it, there is something for everyone's taste in york (We hired a box at the races for our reception!), but if your day is to run smoothly I recomend you select a local wedding car supplier who is aware of the difficulties of getting you around the city in time for the ceremony.

Hopefully it will be us!

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Wedding car York Minster
Wedding car at York Minster
Wedding car hospitium
Wedding car at The Hospitium, York.
wedding car Middletons hotel york
Wedding car at Middletons Hotel, York.
Wedding car St Olaves York
Wedding car at St Olaves Church, York
Wedding car Bedern Hall, York
Wedding car at Bedern Hall, York.
Wedding car St Wilfrids Church York
Wedding car at St Wilfrids RC Church, York.